Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow days drive me cazy.

Living in West Virginia has its perks and disadvantages. Well, more disadvantages than perks. Way more. Such as: Ignorant rednecks, uber christians (but I'm sure they're everywhere...), few job selections, and NOTHING to do on snow days. And we seem to be having a LOT of them lately. Today makes the second one this week.
I'm so bored with snow days. Theres absolutely nothing for me to do, other than blog about my boredom and bore other people too. And the theater kids need to get in a few more practices before regionals, but we have a whole month because they rescheduled to better suit the other schools. Hopefully today will be the last snow day of the week. I start to miss everyone after the second or third day away.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Today has definitely been quite a day.
For starters:
In theater class, I was a lady in an expensive dress, then I was a dog, then I was a prostitute.
This Saturday, I might have a lame excuse of a date. But that's better than nothing.
And I got a few new random people's numbers.
I'd say I'm on the rebound :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Testing out my mobile blog.
This is sort of exciting, knowing I can post from where ever, whenever I see fit :)

Valentine's Day? Fail.

Valentines Day: You either hate it or love it.
Theres no in between.
Today, I went from loving it to hating it in three seconds flat.
My [now ex] boyfriend wanted me to come over and see him, then go to a movie.
I drove all the way over, just to be told I should go home.
Apparently, he "Wasn't allowed to go anywhere"... or something like that.
Of course, this cause a terrible argument leading to me [finally] dropping his sorry ass.
Valentines Day, you suck.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mmhm, sure thing dearie.

Well, lets see...
Theres this girl, lets call her Agnes for now.
And Agnes doesnt seem to like me.
But its okay, I dont particularly care for Agnes either.
But when I send chain texts, My phone automatically selects every mobile number in my phone book, yes, including Agnes.
Agnes doesnt like chain messages, but who does?
So, she gets mad and instead of politely asking me to take her off the list, she responds like this:
"Stop sending me all of that crap."
Which I didnt think was very nice or polite.
So I responded by saying:
"What is your dealiosis?! I send this crap to everyone."
Agnes replied:
"Well, its getting annoying cuz everyone is sending me the same thing over and over"
My reply:
"Everyone does that. You just gotta let it slide. You dont have to send it on, you dont even have to open it if you dont want to!"
I know, I know, I was just as mean and rude as she was.
But like I said before, I dont care much for Agnes.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Life after vegetarianism

I've been a vegetarian for a month now
And I just thought I'd write about random stuff.
So, heres how life has been after vegetarianism
At school, I never eat lunch.
Our school serves mainly meat and has not vegetarian alternative.
Sometimes I get picked on, but its all good.
People rub meat all over their hands and shove their hands in my face.
Its just repulsive!
And two weeks ago, a friend of mine ate lamb right in front of me.
Then [of course] shoved his dead lamb hands in my face.
Its not an easy thing to do,
but I'm gunna remain vegetarian.

The Stolen Flute

I play flute in band.
And today, when I opened up my flute case,
I noticed something weird...
There was a flute in the case [duh]
But it definately wasnt mine.
I picked it up and put it together out of curiosity
And proved my own point.
It wasnt my flute.
I searched the whole band room
Including the supply closet.
I tore into every flute case in sight
But still my poor flute was nowhere to be seen.
I had a few theories,
but when I further investigated the theories quickly epic failed.
So señor flute is still MIA,
But I won't give up hope!
I shall find you Señor Flute!